Oak extensions can make a huge difference when it comes to making the most of your space. If you are fortunate enough to have a garden, you have a valuable resource – you are probably under-utilising it. Most people do not make full use of their gardens, partly because they are viewed as the bit around a home rather than as an integral part of a home system. By drawing a firm line between the inside of our homes and the outside, we limit the use of that space. An oak extension can help to blur the boundary between inside and out and help us make full use of both.

By adding a well-designed oak extension, either a porch area, a conservatory, a larger kitchen or a living space addition, you can not only add space inside, you can also create a transition space that will help you to make the most of your outside areas. You should be able to think of your garden or outside space as additional rooms, each of which will serve a number of different functions. An oak build extension will allow you to move through an interim space to enter those outdoors rooms, making them feel more like part of the whole. By glazing large portions of the extension and with the organic feel of the natural wood, an oak built extension will bring the outdoors indoors and draw your attention to external areas.

Oak extensions can be used to make all of your space work better for your own personal needs and the needs of those with whom you share your home. For example, a conservatory could be used to improve visual amenity, increase light levels and lower bills. It could encourage you to plant a natural and thriving ecosystem outdoors – something that will be an appealing vista to view from inside – yet which will also serve the other wild inhabitants of your garden. Your dream kitchen, leading out onto a space that can be used for productive food growth, will encourage you to make the most of your garden or outside space and to live in a healthier and more sustainable way.

A series of rooms that lead out into an outdoors seating area will encourage you to move outside as soon as the weather grows warm enough each spring and will allow you to cling on to the end of the season as the leaves on the trees begin to turn. The interaction oak extensions have with the natural world will allow you to experience nature throughout the year. You will not feel cut off from the natural cycles of the world. It has been shown that those who feel disconnected from the natural world are more likely to experience stress at work and at home. Your mental and physical well-being can be improved by a stronger connection to mother nature – an oak extension on your home will help you in that goal.

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