The Sustainability of Christmas Trees

Many of us like to cheer up our homes in mid-winter by bringing the outdoors indoors in the form of a Christmas tree. But is there really such a thing as a truly sustainable choice when it comes to this Christmas tradition? Those concerned with trying to live as...

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Ten Fascinating Facts About Oak Trees

The oak tree is one of our best-loved native species. It symbolises strength, endurance and tradition. But there is far more to this tree than you might imagine. Here are ten fascinating facts about the oak tree that you might not know: Eco Oak The long-lived oak is a...

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Oak Built Ideas For Your Garden

It sounds a bit clichéed but an oak garden building can really improve your day-to-day living by drawing your home and your garden together. Assuming the necessary planning permission is given, that patch of land outside your door can be transformed to provide a...

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How Oak Workshops Aid The Great Re-Skilling

Human life on this planet is endangered. We have squandered our resources for so long that we risk losing it all. Our current situation is not sustainable and we all have to change if we are to maintain even a fraction of our current way of living. Wooden...

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Why You Should Build With Oak Rather Than Burning It

Oak grows quickly in its early days but slows as it ages. It takes 150 years before an oak is ready to be used in construction. Ancient craftsmen, farmers and builders knew that they had to plant oak trees, not for their own use but for the use of future generations....

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Use Oak to Give Age-Old Appeal To Your New Build House

A home should blend into the environment in which it sits. A successful building is one that has a dialogue with the land and natural features around it and which seems completely at one with its surroundings. A new build home can sometimes feel a little like it has...

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