It sounds a bit clichéed but an oak garden building can really improve your day-to-day living by drawing your home and your garden together. Assuming the necessary planning permission is given, that patch of land outside your door can be transformed to provide a bigger, brighter and desirable habitat. Here are just some of the sustainable oak buildings you could consider:

A Garden Shed

Most garden sheds these days start to fall apart after a few of our winters, but not so a sturdy oak structure. Having a non-leaky, robust shed will not only protect all your tools but other valuable equipment that would otherwise clutter up your home. A shed is not only a refuge for all gardeners, but a place to potter and, with a handsome oak one at your beck and call the temptation to move in permanently will be hard to resist.

A Garden Studio

Everybody craves to be creative, whether as an artist, an author, a poet, an architect or even a musician and, an oak-built garden studio is the perfect resting place to get those juices flowing. Away from the bustle of your home, in a garden studio, you will have the peace and quiet to reflect and find the inspiration for your skills, whatever they may be.

A Summer House

An oak built garden structure can be a very relaxing place to be in both the warm months and the cold ones. Once the clocks go back it’s tempting to hibernate indoors, but your summer house can just as easily be a winter house too and just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean your garden is any less interesting, especially when winter turns into spring, the daffodils bloom and the buds appear on your trees and plants. A year-round place to watch the seasons cone and go.

A Child’s Den

The children of today spend far less time “outside” than their Mums and Dads. Often cooped up in their bedrooms glued to a screen or a mobile phone, their world can be very small. But an oak built garden building could be the perfect den or playhouse to broaden their horizons and help them start to appreciate the natural beauty of the great outdoors.

Guest Accommodation

In our ever-growing consumer society, space to store all our gadgets and appliances is at a premium, especially when the family expands and everyone needs their own legroom. Every house has its limits, which is why an oak garden building can come to the rescue by providing that extra living room to accommodate guests when they come to stay. A tranquil oak structure at the bottom of the garden can provide the whole family with additional scope to breathe and reduce the stress from everyday life.

Whatever the purpose of your oak build garden buildings, you could find one the perfect, sustainable solution for your home and garden needs. Do you have any question about oak buildings? Please, email us.