Human life on this planet is endangered. We have squandered our resources for so long that we risk losing it all. Our current situation is not sustainable and we all have to change if we are to maintain even a fraction of our current way of living. Wooden constructions such us oak workshops are one way to reverse our trend towards destruction and to begin to transition to a more sustainable, ethical and environmentally friendly future.

Our current built infrastructure was created during the oil age. But fossil fuels do not provide solutions for a changing world and it is essential that we begin to move away from our reliance on non-renewable energy sources and materials. Part of a successful ‘green’ transition is about building new structures and re-creating our living environments to suit a different way of life. We will all have to move away from the model of homes far removed from work places and other resources that we need to live. In the future, local community will become ever more important and we will have to become more self-reliant. Ancillary buildings such as oak sheds, oak garden buildings and oak workshops will make it easier to achieve the necessary goals. Oak from sustainable woodland is the perfect material to build sustainable communities and homes. To succeed in a sustainable future for humanity, we should all re-learn age-old skills that have largely been lost in the modern, consumerist age. An oak shed or an oak workshop is the perfect place to enable such re-skilling. It can help set you on your path to a more self-reliant future.

Whether you grow your own food, conserve local biodiversity in your garden, learn how to build your own furniture or power generation apparatus, create your own soft furnishings or clothes, or learn how to repair damaged items and maintain bikes and other equipment, an oak framed workshop or shed can help you to become a part of a global solution rather than part of the global problems. For too long, many of us have relied too heavily on others to provide for our essential needs. It is time to take back control. Oak is the perfect material from which to construct the buildings we need to do as much as we can ourselves. By bringing essential life skills back into the homes and local communities where we live, we can begin to regain some control over the trajectory of our species.

A hand-made home has personality and the potential to endure. An oak outbuilding will last and so will a community made up of a number of thoughtful and resilient people. You are a custodian of the land on which you live. Make sure that inside and outside your home, you are using the space you inhabit to its full potential. Make sure that you are learning, and teaching those around you the skills you will need to be useful and resilient in a post-fossil fuel society. Build your oak workshop or garden building today and begin your transition to a sustainable future.

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