If you are wondering why choose green oak?

The answer is simple: Green oak frames have proven to last for centuries, making them ultra-durable against rugged environments and temperatures. Due to their extraordinary beauty, they are used for extensions, trusses, garages, conservatories, porches and even complete houses. Many people like to have their houses built from green oak because it last for their whole lifetime, affordable and oak has almost no carbon footprint. As trees grow they absorb carbon from the atmosphere locking it in actively helping to reduce carbon levels in our atmosphere and in turn reducing global warming, green oak (fresh sawn unprocessed timber) is carbon neutral as it is a natural product and doesn’t require kiln drying or any other processing. Another of oak’s green credentials is the fact that it doesn’t require treating with any of the poisonous chemicals that a lot of other timbers are soaked in to help preserve them. Oak is an incredibly strong and durable material having excellent natural resistance to insect and fungal attack, so therefore it needs no treatment. The durability and strength of this wood are unmatched, and that’s why we use it for all of our designs. Oak is perfectly fit to use with other forms of construction. We are not just committed to sustainability but have a deep understanding of traditional jointing methods that gives your oak extensions and frames a classic look. It may also surprise you to know that all of the carpentry work is still done using hand tools. Yes, we use hand-held power tools where necessary, but most of it is done using hand saws, chisels and planes. This isn’t just us being purists, it’s done this way because it’s still the best and most efficient way to build an oak frame. This also has the benefit of keeping the carbon footprint low as we don’t use any of the heavy machinery that’s used in the manufacturing of most modern building materials.

What else?

Over the last few years, consumers have become quite environment conscious, and that’s why timber constructions have significantly risen. We use energy resources and architectural designs that have a positive ecological effect.  By choosing oak, you are also joining hands with one of the greenest building techniques. For instance, a steel beam takes ten times the energy needed for a timber equivalent. Green oak is a raw, unprocessed timber that gives your houses an exquisite design. For our projects, we get our timber from sustainable sources that are continuously replenishing by planting new trees. All of our green oak is bought from well-managed sustainable oak plantations where it has been purpose grown for timber, for every tree felled many more are planted in its place.  A well-built oak building will last for many centuries built from trees that only took 80 years to grow in the oak forests of northern France,  where there is still a thriving forestry industry left over from the Napoleonic times where huge oak stocks were needed to construct ships for the French navy. Sadly the British forestry industry has fallen into decline throughout this century, and it will be many years if ever before we will produce enough of our own oak to meet demand. However, northern European oak is the genetically identical whether grown in France or the UK, the trees are the same so we will always have access to plentiful supplies of fantastic quality oak. Using timber from ethical suppliers means we don’t destroy whats left off are natural forests and all of the animals that live within them. Have a project in mind? Please, get in touch.

Project in mind?