A home should blend into the environment in which it sits. A successful building is one that has a dialogue with the land and natural features around it and which seems completely at one with its surroundings. A new build home can sometimes feel a little like it has been dropped from outer space. It can sometimes feel as though it is an interloper into the scene, a new addition that does not jibe with the scene in which it sits. The construction and design of a new build home should always take into consideration its context and setting. Oak built frames, and oak construction can help to blend a new home into the environment.

Oak takes a long time to grow. It is a venerable wood with a long history of use in construction. While the methods and techniques of construction have changed over the years, oak has been used to build houses for hundreds of years. A home that uses oak in its construction is a home that has a connection to that long history. This means that even when a house is brand new, it has a sense of age and solidity that will make it feel like it could have been there for far longer.

As a natural and environmentally friendly building material, oak can help your new home to blend into the surrounding countryside and to have a synthesis with nearby trees and other organic plant life in the vicinity. The warm wood tones of the oak will blend into the natural world, helping the home to feel more grounded and melding inside and outside spaces. This will automatically make the new build oak house feel like it ‘belongs’. It can give the new build home the age-old appeal that can only come from that sense of ‘rightness’.

Oak is a beautiful material. The rich depth of colour and tone of oak framed construction lend themselves to a sympathetic build, to a build that sinks into a landscape or a neighbourhood rather than sticking out from it like a sore thumb. By using natural materials that have come from sustainable, local sources you can ensure that your house fits.

In the UK, oak is a material that belongs. Oak is a native tree and one that has been used as a building material for generation upon generation. By choosing such a well tried and tested material for use in your new build home, you can create a home that not only belongs within its environment and looks wonderful but also a home that can endure, without leaving a permanent scar on the landscape after its useful life. Oak can last a long time but at the end of its life it will decompose and will not leave a mess for future generations to deal with. This is yet another element to oak’s enduring appeal as a material for home construction.

Whether you go for a traditional style or something far more modern, oak can help you create an amazing new build home with an age-old appeal.

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