An oak build conservatory is a wonderful addition to your home. For a number of reasons, it can improve your quality of life. Not least of these reasons is that a well-planned and well-built oak conservatory can actually save you money on your household bills. You may be surprised to hear that such a structure could save on bills in the long run but it is true. There are several ways in which a conservatory can improve the efficiency of your home and reduce the amount that you have to spend on heating and lighting your home.

In order for a conservatory to have this effect, it will have to be built on the right side of the home. In the UK, a north facing conservatory would not get as much direct light and so the effect achieved would not be as pronounced. It is also well worth mentioning that a conservatory built from a high-quality and enduring material such as oak will save you far more than a flimsier and less well-built addition.

Ideally, in the UK, a conservatory should be placed on the south side of a home in order to have the maximum effect. Of course, this is not always possible or practical but if you have a choice then this is the best option.

When placed on the south side of a home, a conservatory will bring more light (and heat) from the sun into the home. When a conservatory is well-designed, the heat from the sun can be effectively shaded during the heat of the summer and yet will also bring in as much light and heat as possible in the colder months.

In a well-functioning conservatory, ‘thermal mass’ – things like a brick or stone wall, ceramic or stone tiles etc. will absorb the heat during the day and then slowly release it when the temperatures drop. This helps to keep the structure at a more even temperature day and night.

When a conservatory is well-built from a solid material such as oak, and well positioned on your home, it can actually help to reduce the requirement for heating and perhaps even lighting in adjoining rooms in your home. You are likely to have to leave lights on and run heating less often than you did before the addition was constructed.

In addition to these potential savings on your bills, you may also be able to save money on food bills too. A conservatory is the perfect place to grow some of your own food in containers. With the clever use of space, you can grow a virtual food-forest of herbs, salads, fruits and vegetables in ingenious ways and cut your food bills dramatically.

A conservatory may be regarded as simply a nice bit of extra space and a pleasant extra seating or dining area in your home. But it can also be a shrewd decision in terms of your energy use, environmental impact and your household bills.

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