We craft valuable green oak into a bespoke orangery, which is unique to you. You might plan to use it as a garden room, a kitchen extension or, if you’re a real gardening purist, a stand-alone space in which to grow citrus and other fruits.

The green oak allows superior craftsmanship, because it’s better to cut and shape than seasoned wood. We use traditional oak pegs and tree nails, and every detail is perfect.

We design the orangery to complement your property and its surroundings. We highlight the beauty of the green oak using window, door and roof shapes, brickwork and glass to make the most of the space you have available.

And over the years, it becomes more and more stunning, as the oak dries and settles into its unique formation.

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“James and the team at Green Oak did a wonderful job building a beautiful handcrafted oak building. They were polite and friendly and kept us well informed throughout, and their craftsmanship is second to none!! Thank you very much for a great job”