What exactly is green oak?

Green oak by definition has been felled within the last 18 months. It gradually loses moisture and shrinks over time; most of the shrinking will be in the first two years.

Why is green oak so beneficial?

We use green oak because it is better to cut and shape than seasoned timber. It is high in density but low in weight – it has a better strength-to-weight ratio than steel – and so is perfect for load-bearing.

I have heard green oak shrinks, is that true?

This natural aging process strengthens the structure; the oak becomes stronger as it matures. It only ever shrinks in width, never in length, so there is no danger of a joint slipping. The splits and cracks that emerge give your building a unique heritage look and feel, and do not affect the integrity of the frame.

What are the benefits of your traditional building methods?

The benefits of maintaining traditional building methods may be divided broadly into two categories:

  • Beauty and aesthetics
    • It is hard to imagine a more beautiful building than one fashioned using traditional green oak.
  • Strength and durability