Our process


When we come to survey your property, we start by listening to you. We discover how you envisage your
property will look, as well as how you plan to use your new space.

We will talk foundations, size, position, insulation, glazing, security and more, to ensure every detail is covered.

We adhere strictly to UK building regulations throughout, and advise on feasibility. If you need planning permission, we will play our role in helping you to gain it.


Once we have a really clear idea of your vision, we set about designing your unique masterpiece.

We create drawings to demonstrate our thinking and discuss these with you.

We work out which frame types to use, and what kind of traditional joints will be the most effective and
aesthetically pleasing. We decide the style of trusses needed to do the best job, how to insulate your space, and the most compatible roofing style.


We take responsibility for all works, including groundworks, electricals, plumbing, glazing and finishing.

At the very start of the building process, we select every piece of green oak timber individually, by size and by understanding how it needs to perform within the whole structure.

We use only traditional carpentry tools and techniques, laying out the pieces like a jigsaw beforehand, matching pieces to perfection. All cutting is done by hand, and we use traditional oak pegs to join each part of the oak frame, so they can mature and settle into their own unique form.

Once the frame is in place, we complete every single element of your building with great attention to detailed perfection.

After service

One of the best things about green oak is that as it matures it dries out, becoming more and more beautiful with its own unique identity. It will not shrink in length, so the structure will remain solid for many hundreds of years. You may have concerns however, and we are always on hand to offer advice.

You will probably need to redecorate after around two years, when the building has settled and we can organise this for you if you wish.

We tend to stay in touch with our customers over the years, because as owners of our proud craftsmanship, we always consider you to be part of the Green Oak Building Company family.