With modern methods of construction becoming increasingly necessary to fulfil chronic housing shortages, we are proud to hold fast to our mission – the continued creation of unique heritage buildings and extensions.

We build exclusively using Green Oak timber framed structures. Everything is crafted to the highest standards, using mortise and tenon joinery, held together with oak pegs and tree nails. This method is not only the centuries-old traditional way of timber construction, it is the best way.

It allows the timbers to age and settle securely and naturally, and create a structure that will last for hundreds of years.

Aesthetically, every detail such as the joins and the pegs, is exceptionally pleasing.

We are based in Hampshire and whilst we will build wherever we are wanted, you will probably prefer someone from your region. So if you are in Hampshire, or a neighbouring county, it’s easy to select us to create your dream.

We want to make every aspect of dealing with Green Oak a total pleasure, so we have focused on making our processes as smooth as they can possibly be – and on making sure we fit our activities around your needs.

Our founder James Brown (no, not that one!) is a carpenter by trade, and has worked in many areas of the construction industry. His passion for traditional carpentry was borne out of a five-year apprenticeship in oak framing.

He is now dedicating his career not only to creating exceptionally beautiful, timeless buildings but also to training others in a craft which is in rapid decline in the UK.

This decline is ironic when you consider that part of our heritage, and a significant reason why millions of tourists visit Britain every year, is the attraction of our traditional oak architecture.

We would love you to choose us, and help keep the UK’s green oak heritage growing.

Please take a look at some of our projects, and when you are ready to talk, if you like we can arrange for you to visit one or two of our customers’ homes, and meet those who trusted us to create them. This way you will be completely confident that we are the right company for you.

Are you ready to talk now? Please email info@greenoakbuildingcompany.co.uk,  phone us on 01489 878384, or complete the form.